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Showreel 2018

A unique idea underlies each of our projects. In order to bring it to life, our team works out individual solutions aimed at fascinating and captivating the target audience.

We offer a full range of multimedia installation services

Installation production
Video content
Assembly, commissioning
and maintenance
Technical support
We produce original multimedia solutions, starting with a bright idea and ensuring its full and impressive implementation. We adopt an individual approach to each project, assessing and developing it in line with the scenario that conforms to our customer's specific needs and expectations. Carrying out unique projects requires specialized infrastructure.
Progressive Multimedia Technologies is one of a handful of multimedia companies boasting its own R&D laboratory. A team of professional engineers and help desk technicians not only creates an impressive installation but also ensures its faultless performance in accordance with SLA standards throughout its service life.
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Multimedia installations for exhibitions and forums
Multimedia museums and spaces
Media sculptures and art objects
Kinetic installations
VR/AR solutions
Video content creation

Progressive Multimedia Technologies is a successful, modern company with over 9 years of experience in providing comprehensive multimedia solutions. We have implemented over 600 unique projects in Russia, China, Singapore, India, UAE, South Africa, France, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries worldwide.

Vyacheslav Tsybulnikov
"Moscow Bank of PJSC Sberbank expresses its sincere gratitude for high professionalism, creative approach, and responsible and conscientious attitude towards the project, which your employees demonstrated during the creation of the cultural and corporate center for Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia. Thanks to the experience and unconventional approach taken by your team, we were able to implement a unique project at the level corresponding to the highest standards."
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Natalia Kochneva
Moscow Department of Information Technologies
"We thank the team at Progressive Multimedia Technologies for their ability to find creative solutions and for their accurate and coordinated work during the development and implementation of a set of multimedia solutions for the exhibition space Sirius: Smart City in Sochi in 2018."
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Igor Pashukov
"We express our gratitude to the team at Progressive Multimedia Technologies for their creative approach and high-quality and professional performance when rendering services at the Dubai Airshow-2017 international aerospace exhibition."
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Olga Zhidkova
"Our company is eager to cooperate with creative agencies that put forward innovative ideas and, most importantly, implement them in style. Progressive Multimedia Technologies is one such company, and we really enjoy working with them."
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Evgeny Kublanovsky
"The end products always meet our expectations. They are in many ways superior to what we see on the market, although both the multimedia technology market and its leaders are well-established. In my opinion, Progressive Multimedia Technologies is a highly competitive market player in Russia and internationally."
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Polina Amosova
Russian Post
"We come up with the most extraordinary formats and odd, unconventional solutions, and Progressive Multimedia Technologies always finds ways to make it a reality."
Nikita Nichkalyuk
Russian Post
"Our colleagues from Progressive Multimedia Technologies are skilled at knowing exactly what makes and keeps the customer happy. In a good German car, when the fuel indicator light comes on, there is still a hidden reserve of 2 or 3 liters left in the tank. Similarly, PMT helps you overcome any difficulties that arise at the very last moment and find the best possible solution."
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12th Maryina Roshcha
Lane, Bldg. 1, Block 9,

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