Kinetic slider – 2021

The government of Moscow

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PMT x Smart city. We revived the presentation format and created a multimedia kinetic installation for the entrance group of the Smart City project at VDNKh.

Smart City is an innovative pavilion. When interacting with his space, the first touch is very important. We need to show that innovation is about new approaches and creativity, and not just about technology. Our main task was to present to the visitors the main sections of the exposition, for example, transport, tourism and business, and to make it interesting.

We have developed a multimedia kinetic installation, taking into account the design code and the concept of the project. Synchronized the content on the screen, the movement of the kinetic LED module and the main LED screen to create a single composition. We made the main LED screen and the kinetic LED module in a parallelogram shape with a 45° tilt angle – this is a difficult task with such a size of the structure, but it adds dynamics to the entire presentation.

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