Moscow Bank's Cultural and Corporate Center at the Oruzheiny Business Center. The main idea is to transform the 336 m venue into a state-of-the-art space using technology to narrate Sberbank's history, achievements, and future goals.

For this purpose, we adopted the latest unique multimedia and interior solutions using holograms, exclusive video content, virtual and augmented reality and kinetic installations, among others.

Robots act as tour guides around the multimedia museum. A unique elevator featuring a panoramic video projection system and 5D effects takes visitors up to the futuristic space, brought to life using the latest multimedia technologies.

There are 12 multimedia exhibits at the center. The interior is composed of 290 led tubes.

Vyacheslav Tsybulnikov
"Moscow Bank of PJSC Sberbank expresses its sincere gratitude for high professionalism, creative approach, and responsible and conscientious attitude towards the project, which your employees demonstrated during the creation of the cultural and corporate center for Moscow Bank of Sberbank of Russia. Thanks to the experience and unconventional approach taken by your team, we were able to implement a unique project at the level corresponding to the highest standards."