RIF — 2019


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At the Russian Investment Forum 2019, Progressive Multimedia Technologies provided the stand of Sberbank with complete engineering support. We developed and implemented several unique creative solutions, including digital graffiti. The result was bright, thrilling, and original.

For RIF 2019, we developed special-purpose software for electronic signing sessions at the stand, made videos for the diode columns and display wall, and created the digital graffiti that impressed all forum participants.

Our task was to come up with a creative technology solution for presenting the bank services, which would feel both innovative and slightly informal, while blending harmoniously with the architectonics of the stand.
We created our graffiti with the concept of the urban environment in mind. That interactive installation was based not on a simple wall projection; instead, we used a more complex integrated technology so that the visitors could not guess how it really worked. We developed special-purpose software that enabled the user to combine drawing with animation scenarios based on our exclusive technology. Thanks to the famous street artists whom we had invited, we managed to create a truly dramatic presentation space and had all the visitors to the stand captivated.

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