Multimedia installations for exhibitions and forums
We have been creating multimedia installations since 2010 and can rightly refer to ourselves as pioneers and market leaders. Over these years, we have worked on over 300 installations displayed at exhibitions and business forums in Russia and abroad. Our large-scale creative installations have been featured at all SPIEF sessions since 2010.
Multimedia museums and spaces
Designing unique user scenarios and imaginative installations for multimedia museums and public spaces is one of our key competencies. We provide a full range of services in creating the most sophisticated multimedia objects, from creative concept design to technical and content support.
Media sculptures and art objects
A multimedia art object is a blend of creativity, original shapes, unique technological solutions, and content. Our works have been displayed at music festivals, new technology exhibitions, educational and business forums, and in urban art spaces.
Kinetic installations
Kinetic installations are striking engineering masterpieces, which combine moving structural components and synchronized multimedia content to create a true art object. Our works have been presented at major international exhibitions and forums both as part of large multimedia installations and as independent exhibits. Our by-the-book expertise, talented industrial designers and engineers as well as reliable Russian and international partners contribute to the creation of unique, awe-inspiring kinetic installations.
VR/AR solutions
Today's presentations are inconceivable without eye-catching multimedia technologies. We specialize in creating unique multimedia products using VR/AR technologies. This is an arduous task that requires a lot of experience and thorough preparation. And we are up for the task. We have implemented over 100 successful projects. Our research laboratory is constantly studying the latest tools, allowing us to offer our customers the most original and effective solutions.
Video content creation
Our team specializes in producing comprehensive, high-quality video content. Our services include all stages of video content production, ranging from script writing and professional video shooting to editing, color grading and computer graphics of varying degrees of complexity.